Device Compatible
CiMAS can be accessed by all major web browsers on devices with Android, Apple & Windows Operating Systems. Inspections can be performed and reports generated on Android Tablets & phones, iPads, iPhones, Laptops and PC’s.

Easy to Use
CiMAS is easy to use. Data can be entered and accessed anytime, anywhere. CiMAS offers powerful & intuitive filtering of data that enables you to drill down and obtain the information on contract performance that you need, when you need it, by country, state, region, contract, site, asset, date, user and much more.

Easy Data Integration
Setup is easy! Data, site and asset information can be uploaded easily and quickly from data saved in .CSV (Excel) or even in .DWG format. You can actually integrate all this information with our device yourself, though of course if you’re having a little trouble doing that or prefer us to do it from the get-go, you are more than welcome to ask us to do so. We are here to help.

Report Generation.

Cimas provides comprehensive configurable reporting functions on all aspects of Service Delivery and contract compliance. CiMAS is used in the following applications and industries.

Cleaning Grounds Maintenance
Food Service Security
Food Safety Air Conditioning Maintenance
OH&S Compliance Infection Control
Testing & Tagging Training
Fire Safety systems Building Maintenance
Waste Management Accommodation
Pool Maintenance Customer Surveys
Problem reporting Toilet checks

Secure Hosting.

Secure hosting with multiple backup Servers protects your data and your investment.

Data Ownership
CiMAS is Cloud based software ensuring that you always have the latest version of our software. All data captured by clients and their authorised contractors always remains the property of the client.

User Accessibility
CiMAS can be tailored to provide users with the access that they need. Both authorised staff and client users will have access to stored data as well as reports. Site level users have the ability to enter and view the data by the way of already defined forms on the web. At the highest level, data can be entered and the most advanced development features can be accessed. This allows you to upload reports, asset information and compliance documents, manage user accounts, create surveys & forms and manage site information.