Cimas contract management & auditing software is designed to enable total management of soft service contracts from a single point. Cimas is ideal for Facility Managers, Cleaning Contractors, Accommodation Management, Healthcare Cleaning Management, Hospitality, Industrial and Commercial applications. Some of our Blue Chip Clients include:

  • Wesfarmers CSBP
  • The Water Corporation of WA
  • Wyndham City Council
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Australian National University
  • City of Belmont
  • ISS Resources
  • Crown Perth

Industries where CiMAS is used

  • Cleaning
  • Aviation
  • Major Banking Corporations
  • 5 Star Resorts
  • Healthcare & Aged Care
  • Remote Mining Accommodation facilities
  • Security
  • Mining
  • Commercial Property Management services
  • Facility Management sector
  • Entertainment
  • Local Government
  • Tertiary Education

The City of Wyndham

The City of Wyndham uses CiMAS to manage the service compliance of the cleaning contractor to ensure the highest quality standards for ratepayers and facility users. From communicating between the contractor management team, to the council’s stakeholders and the independent consultants, contract management is made easier by collecting data, managing reporting and ensuring compliance. Best of all for Wyndham is that when a contractor changes, they still have all the historical records as the data is owned by Wyndham and is in the system.

Water Corporation of Western Australia

The Water Corporation manages Water supplies for the State of Western Australia and the capital city of Perth. Water Corporation engages FM Contract Solutions as contract managers utilising the CiMAS system to ensure that a consistent service is delivered.

The key to Better Managed Contracts is consistency of delivery, information speed and reduction in double handling of information.  Through the use of CiMAS as the online data capture system, the contractor, the independent auditor and all client stakeholders have immediate access to data in real time. The Water Authority staff use CiMAS for all contract communications and to place work orders. There is no need to manage a new quote for each item when a new service is required as contract prices are on the system and automatically calculated when issued on work orders.