Performance Management Software for Facility Management

The easy way to manage contracts

Cimas Contract Performance Management Software is a flexible software solution for Facility Management that is designed to suit your needs and your budget. Cimas Software enables Performance Management of any service contract including Cleaning, Grounds maintenance, Housekeeping, Security, Painting, Maintenance, Pool Management, Food service and more.

A flexible software system for Soft Service Management

Cimas Software can be upgraded or downgraded to suit your budget and as your situation changes. Cimas manages inspections, contract pricing, periodicals, consumables, all Contract Communications, Work Orders, building problem reporting, Time & Attendance recording & tracking, Tracking rectification and customer Surveys. Cimas can also build benchmarks for building cleaning costs with the Costing & Quoting Module.

Here’s a quick look at some of the advantages for Building Owners & Facility Managers

Manage & track all your service contracts from a single interface

Cimas can manage all your service contracts and allows customised reporting with unlimited custom reporting dashboards.

Problem Reporting and Response Management

Cimas helps Facility Managers mitigate risks and improve safety and service for their tenants and building users with a simple central solution to Building problem reporting. Is there a light globe out on Level 7? Do the theatre toilets need servicing? There’s a spill in the level 1 Cafe? Building users can report issues by any smart phone or tablet which generates an email to the designated personnel or department for immediate response.

Time & Attendance (T & A)

The Time & Attendance module allows you to manage log ins, log outs & time spent by contractor personnel working anywhere in your facility. Contractors log in & out by smart phone or tablet and Cimas confirms their location at each instance by its mapping interface and records the time spent on the premises. T & A is ideal for managing remote sites and improves safety for people working alone.

Work Orders and Contract price management

Cimas can manage and track all Work Orders and contract pricing and price changes. Work Orders can be customised, negotiated and tracked with expenditure summaries.  Work Orders

Contract Communication management.

Cimas manages all contract communications, including automated Corrective Action Management for service quality rectification. All your pricing, contract documents, work orders, audits & inspections are where you need them, when you need them.

Inspections & Reporting

Cimas allows you to find the data you need, when you need it. Cimas has been designed  for Performance Management Software has a powerful and easily configurable inspection and reporting functions that will provide Facility Managers with unparalleled ability to drill down and report on every aspect of service delivery and contract performance.

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